Jeffry W. Cole Family Memorial Fund

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The Jeffrey W. Cole family foundation fund was created in 2007 in memory of Jeff and his family. Jeff, his wife Sheri, his daughter Gracie, and their unborn daughter Baby Cole were killed in an automobile accident in 2006 which occurred just North of the intersection of Hwy 64 and Hwy 251 in Ogle County, Illinois. Jeff and Sheri’s daughter, Alli Cole was then three years old and the only survivor of the accident. Her most serious injury from the accident was, and is, traumatic brain injury. That injury caused various physical difficulties including total loss of any memory of her family as she then knew it.

Family and friends of Jeff and Sheri, including many members of her Rochelle and Ashton communities, held fund raisers in memory of Jeff’s family for the benefit of Alli. This particular fund was created in the hopes that, after Alli matured and become more aware of her circumstances and the entire situation, she would one day be able to participate in, and witness, the use of the fund in honor of her family for the benefit of the entire community. While nothing can bring back Alli’s memory of her immediate family, it is hoped that she will someday have pleasure from, and pride in, being a part of giving to the Rochelle Community through this fund. It is a Donor advised fund and it is very much hoped that the fund advisors will someday be able to speak directly with Alli regarding the ultimate use, or uses of the fund.