The Hintzsche-Hinkston Classroom Support Donor Advised Fund was established to provide assets to assist students in the classroom. “A student’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”

As former educators, Lynn Hinkston Jordal, her husband Dave and John and Lauren Hintzsche knew that it was their responsibility to inspire their students and considered it an honor to do so. They all agreed that though traditional education will always be the mainstay, new and innovative projects in the classroom were important to keep the excitement of learning at its peak.

Although they have all since retired from education, it was important to them to continue to support those still inspiring students’ minds. After many discussions, it was decided to create the Hintzsche- Hinkston Classroom Support Donor Advised Fund. “So many times, great learning opportunities are lost because of the lack of funding to support a valuable project in the classroom. In typical educator fashion, many educators reach into their own pockets to fund those projects knowing the impact that it will have on the lessons they are teaching. It is our hope that this fund will help ease the financial burden that is placed on educators trying to provide a better learning environment for their students. Students learn in so many different ways. It is our hope that this fund will help provide other ways to “stretch” students’ minds.”

Between the four individuals, they have over 125 years in education. It doesn’t stop there as the legacy of educating has been passed down to their grandchildren, son-in-law and son. “Rochelle is very fortunate to have a community foundation whose mission is to assist and improve their community through philanthropy. Their guidance in setting up this fund made the process very rewarding. We are excited for the impact that this fund will have on students’ minds.”