Ed and Ann Rice Giving Fund

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Ed and Ann have humbly given their time and energy in support of the Rochelle Community and surrounding area throughout their lives. This family fund was established for them by Joe and Marian Rice to expand upon their generous spirit. The fund will support organizations consistent with Ann and Ed’s community contributions over the years. 

When you add up all of the years served across 13 organizations, Ed has 158 years of public service! These include the Flagg-Rochelle Park District Board, GREDCO, Ogle County Board, Rochelle City Council, City Zoning Appeals, Jaycees, Rochelle Fire Department, Rochelle Senior Center Board, Rochelle Christian Food Pantry, and Rotary (43 years). He founded the Rochelle Junior Tackle Program in 1965, was a wrestling referee and coached Little League. He has supported many individuals in the community over the years who were down on their luck—whether they needed something to eat, some financial support, or simply someone to listen to them.

Ann worked across the Rochelle education system, as a teacher, elementary school principal and grant writer, for 32 years. She also has a unique connection to the RACF—as a volunteer she worked closely with Leonard Carmichael to launch the foundation, served as the first Executive Director between 2006 and 2009 and served as Board President in 2010 and 2011.

Together Ed and Ann have been long time members of First Presbyterian Church, Tres Dias Christian weekends, Rochelle Rotary and Three Angel’s Children Relief ministry.